Thursday, August 31, 2006


Assassinating Bush: The New Pornography

It's become such a mainstay of leftard masturbatory fantasy that a Brit conspiracy nut has turned it into his idea of an "art film": "Death Of A President" is about the assassination of George W. Bush. So what else is new? Talk about fleecing the flock; what better way to separate the idiots from their money than to trot out the ultimate in BDS porn, the kind Bush-hating idiots watch with one hand? Available soon (very soon) on DVD! Get your copy now!

Nuance. Layers. Art.

Bryan Preston:
This is where we are in the defense of civilization right now–fighting off actual terrorists slaughtering innocents for Islam and Western intellectual terrorists who just can’t stand the thought that a Republican is president. So they wish him dead.
Oh yes, and a Syrian man is framed for the murder. Oh, now that is fucking hot!

Oh, yes. Ohhhh, yessss.

Kill Bush!
Kill Bush!
Kill Bush!
Kill Bush!
Kill Bush!

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