Monday, July 03, 2006


Leaving Geneva

Andrew McCarthy lays waste to those who think the Supreme Court's grant of Geneva protections to Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations will hold water. First, Hamdan is not Constitutionally based; second, as soon as Geneva appears to infringe upon American sovereignty, the U.S. will bail on that venerated treaty, which the anti-war idiots have pimped to within an inch of its life. The gloves must come off against enemies both without and within.
Congress absolutely has the power to deny al Qaeda terrorists the right to be present at portions of trial where sensitive evidence is introduced. Let's leave aside that the court's entire Common Article 3 rationale is hooey (the article doesn't apply to al Qaeda and the court owed deference to the president's interpretation to that effect). The salient point here is that when the inevitable argument is made that the Geneva Conventions now require handing over our intelligence to the enemy in wartime, congress — and more properly, the president (who has the authority to cancel treaties) — should make clear that we would withdraw from the Geneva Conventions (or at least any offending portions of them) before we do that.
Internationalist efforts to hogtie the American campaign against Islamism must be smacked down hard, and if that means leaving the Geneva charades to others, then make it so and let's have the lunacy out on the table where everyone can see it.

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