Sunday, July 30, 2006


Kfar Cana

Hezbollah and the government of Lebanon are clearly responsible for the civilian deaths in Cana. Hezbollah has been allowed by the Lebanese government to attack Israel with impunity from the sanctuary of populated civilian neighborhoods, which these smuggled photos prove, as if any further proof is needed. The IDF has little choice but to respond to missile attacks on innocent Israelis, who are Hezbollah's only targets, and hiding behind Lebanese women and children (the men are all busy firing rockets at Israel) must not protect these animals from liquidation.

Blaming Israel for Lebanese civilian deaths is worse than stupid- it's obscene. To do so one must ignore the very nature of Israel's enemy, which admittedly is the favored sport of terror apologists everywhere. It is akin to blaming the massacre of Beslan's children by Islamofascist animals on those who attempted to rescue them. And now that we know that the building in question did not collapse for eight hours after the IDF attack, the charges may be more ludicrous and irresponsible than ever, if that is possible. Indeed, it may be that Hezbollah destroyed the building so as to ignite massive anti-Israeli public opinion. It wouldn't be the first use of such a tactic. Nor would it be the first time Hezbollah prevented civilians from evacuating an area after being warned by IDF leaflets to leave.

Israel's aspirations do not include killing innocent civilians, which is why they take such great pains to minimize civilian casualties, but that is exactly Hezbollah's double-ended tactic of choice with every ball-bearing-packed missile they randomly launch toward Anytown, Israel. In the case of Cana, it looks as if Hezbollah, knowing how consistently the IDF responds to their rocket-launchers, ruthlessly drew Israeli fire upon innocent Lebanese civilians for propaganda purposes, and it's quite possible that when the building they targeted for IDF fire failed to come down, they brought it down themselves.

Either way, Hezbollah is responsible, and so is the Lebanese government, but I don't expect the U.N. to condemn either one; after all, Israel, not Hezbollah, is the U.N.'s quarry.

James Lewis at The American Thinker:
We have lost elementary moral distinctions over the last century. As a culture, we pretend we cannot tell the difference between accidental shootings by police in pursuit of killers, and deliberate killing by those intent on destroying innocents. This is not, as the Left likes to boast, a reflection of our higher morality. It is a loss of elementary moral discrimination. We are much less moral than our ancestors of a hundred or two hundred years ago.

One role of the New Media must be to restore that common sense morality which says that hiding behind women and children in war is murder, plain and simple. The onus for murder is on the terrorist, not the cop.

There is a solution: It is for the media and the United Nations to rediscover the elementary moral distinctions of the original Geneva Conventions. Killing innocents is murder. Drawing enemy fire on children is evil. It’s not hard.
AJ Strata is updating the story regularly.

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