Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hezbollah Human Shield Watch

Blame the Jews.

Fighting has broken out between Hezbollah and the people they are attempting to use as human shields. Better get Alan Colmes in there to bring some o' that sweet, sweet surrender he's craving from Israel- lay it on those Lebanese Human Shields For Hezbollah.

Ace empathizes with Hezbollah:

Wait-- you want us to fight without all our protective meat-armor? Hey, we're Warriors of God and all, but we're not crazy Warriors of God. We're the kind of Warriors of God who hide in schools and bravely engage the enemy's most well-trained and technologically-advanced bah mitzvah parties.

I wish all the best to the Lebanese and I hope the Israelis rain Hell on Hezbollah until every last one of the bastards are gone from this planet. Lebanese casualties are on Hezbollah, not Israel; the sooner Hezbollah is killed off, the sooner Lebanon will be free.

They can thank Israel later if that's what suits them.

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