Friday, June 30, 2006


International Flaws

In the wake of the Supreme Court's Decision That President Bush Will Ignore, Andrew McCarthy re-ups to explain International Law v. United States. It won't please those who desperately want to usurp the legitimate Constitutional wartime authority of the office of the President in service to their hatred for the person presently occupying that office, which itself speaks volumes to their inability to comprehend the damage they are doing. Just don't question their patriotism.

The idiot left is willing to ignore U.S. law and the Constitution, confer Geneva rights to illegal non-signatory non-national combatants (also known as terrorists), confer the rights of American citizenship upon such animals around the world, and bow to international laws, whatever the hell they are. And the Supreme Court just answered their prayers.

The shockwaves generated by the Pelosian One's idiotgasm were reportedly felt over five hundred miles from their epicenter.


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