Monday, June 26, 2006


Go Ahead: Make My Day.

Al Aksa Brigades promise to attack Israel with WMDs they have been working on since Saddam spirited them to Syria three years ago. I'm trying to find a nice way to describe what I expect will be the Israeli response to such an attack. How about "crushing"?

Let's watch the MSM's take of this story. The world press and the UN will assert that Israel must practice restraint responding to a Palestinian WMD attack. Yes, it will get that ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the world is about to get a lesson in the Israeli self-defense doctrine.

HT: Captain's Quarters

The Israelis have every reason to crush the Hamas government and the Palestinian Authority, and it doesn't invlove the threat of WMDs. It involves humaneness. If his captors do not return Corporal Gilad Shalit unscathed, the Israelis will come down hard on all the bad actors, and rightfully so.

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