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And When I Get My Rolls-Royce, I'm Going To Wash And Wax It Every Day

The New Editor has stooped to one of the most over-wrought and hackneyed means for making Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean look like a f'n fool: they've quoted him.

Not merely content with criticizing the Administration on defense issues, Gov. Dean boldly offered the Democrats' four-point plan for national defense."First we will conclude the negotiations with the Chinese and the North Koreans to disarm North Korea. Secondly, under no circumstances will a Democratic Administration ever allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Three, we will kill or capture Osama bin Laden and four, the authority and the control of the ports of the United States must be retained by American companies," said Dean.

The stunning simplicity of Dean's plan is rumored to have sent shock waves throughout the US defense community.

No doubt. As TNE's Tom Elias points out, the elegant brilliance, to say nothing of the brilliant elegance, of Dean's national defence plan, could and should extend to other matters of national import, such as education:

The Education Four Point Plan
"First, we will teach our children to read. Second, we will teach our children to write. Third, we will teach our children to add and multiply, and four, we will teach our children to subtract, and divide."

Or mayhaps, a solution to Social Security:

We are open to any and all ideas...

Whoops, sorry; that actually comes from the Democratic Party Web site.

Come to think of it, comparing a serendipitous lampoonry of the Deanmeister's Churchillian (this idiot, not the real one) intellect to his party's policy statements of record could be useful. Let's rejoin Elias' musings:

The Health Care Four-Point Plan
Dean's rumored plan: "First, we will provide health care. Second, it will be very good. Third, it will be cheap. Fourth, it will be cheap and very good."

From the Democratic Party Web site:
In the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth, no one should have to choose between taking their child to a doctor or paying the rent. Democrats are committed to making sure every single American has access to affordable, effective health care coverage.

The Economic Four-Point Plan
Dean's rumored plan: "First, we will create jobs. Second, we will make sure they are good jobs. Third, we will create lots and lots of good jobs, and four, we will care about you while we create the jobs."

From the Democratic Party Web site:
Democrats believe that the most effective means of increasing opportunity for our families is a high quality, good paying job. We are committed to expanding economic opportunity to all Americans and creating the new jobs of the future.

The Tax Policy Four-Point Plan
Dean's rumored plan: "First, we will force the wealthy to pay their fair share. Second, we will cut taxes for those that deserve it most. Third, we will raise taxes on the wealthy, and four, we will be fair."

If made public, it is believed that the eloquent simplicity of these plans will be sure to doom the Republican Party to minority status for years and years to come.

That Howard Dean is a political force with which to be reckoned is unquestioned in alert, informed political circles.

Personally, I've gotta go along with Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman: "If Howard Dean had his way, Saddam Hussein would be in power today, not in prison."

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