Sunday, February 19, 2006


Sunday Roundup

Austin Bay: Army Releases Captured War On Terror Documents: Al Qaeda Offers Medical and Vacation Benefits For Terrorists

Michelle Malkin: Cartoon Jihad In Washington DC

Clifford D. May, Foundation For Defense Of Democracies: VOICES OF REASON: What are Middle Eastern dissidents saying about the Cartoon Intifada?

Palestinian Media Watch, Latest Bulletins:
Hamas plans to kidnap Israeli soldiers to trade for imprisoned terrorists
Hamas Video: We will drink the blood of the Jews
Palestinian Cartoons
New Hamas Video: Gaza leads to Haifa
New Hamas Internet Video
Hamas Remains Hamas
PA Poem: There is no Bin Laden
Classic PLO Hate Speech on PA TV
PA Duplicity: Talk peace to Israelis and terror to Palestinians
Arab Knesset Member: Sharon is "butcher of the Palestinian people"
PA to Israel: "Die anywhere, but don't die here"
65% of Palestinians Support Al-Qaeda Attacks in the US and Europe
Mother Who Sent Sons on Suicide Missions Becomes Hamas Candidate
PA Ridicules US Demand to Oust Hamas from Election
Hamas Election Video: Armed struggle until destruction of Israel
Abbas Approves Grants to Suicide Terrorist Families
PA on Terror: "Condemns" on paper, praises in practice

Michael Ledeen, NRO: How does Iran perceive the West?

Thomas Joscelyn:
More On Iran + Hamas
The Not So Great Escape: Facts, Rumors and Theories "What's this? Former Iraqi generals working with al Qaeda and the Yemeni regime against a common foe in the north?"

The Strata Sphere: Able Danger Hearings Summary

Cox&Forkum: FlimFlammable

Charles Rangel: I'm A Hypocritical Partisan Dunce

Alec Baldwin: I'm Just A Dunce

Joe Repya: Nick Coleman, Liar

Muslim Action Committee Of England: Holocaust did in fact take place.

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