Saturday, February 18, 2006


The SITE Institute

Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs notes this item over at The Jawa Report:

Exclusive: Prisoner Abuse Photos from Iraq that MSM Won't Show You

The story describes an ongoing campaign of abuse, humiliation and murder of prisoners in Iraq by Islamofascist terrorists operating, as they always do, in gross violation of international laws, including but not limited to the Geneva Convention, which should horrify those who value these sanctions on the conduct of human affairs.

The source of the story is the SITE Institute, SITE standing for the Search for International Terrorist Entities. SITE's five-point Mission Statement, describing an aggressive and thorough approach to fighting Islamic terrorism, is an interesting read, particularly the paragraph describing its Educational Mission:
The SITE Institute is guided by the principle that everyone must understand our enemy in order to prevail in the war on terrorism. In addition to its research and investigative activities, SITE seeks to educate the public about the history, ideology, tactics, and methods of Islamic terrorists. SITE Institute staff frequently gives expert interviews and provides information on terrorism to major media outlets, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and Time Magazine. They have repeatedly appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Fox News Channel, NPR, BBC, and a variety of other national and international television and radio networks.

Important principal that, that everyone must understand the enemy in order to prevail. This is the biggest problem we face today in the West: too many people, whom I refer to as Useful Idiots (for the purposes of this blog, the more elegant "idiots"- why waste time?), are still largely uneducated about Islamofascist terrorism, preferring to blame a host of others, in fact anyone but the enemy, for various reasons, some selfish, some not, all deluded.

In answer to that ignorance, SITE's website is a lode of information and intelligence on every relevant terrorist group in the world. Sections include a Terrorism Library providing "Background Information on Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations ", a not-quite-current list of terrorist websites (the Hamas site is a whinefest of blame, victimhood and antisemitism, whilst the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade offering is, shall we say, "no longer in service".), and a database of their in-house publications, none for the faint of heart.

A sample offering: An Article Concerning the Aftermath of Rakan bin Williams’ Attack on the United States Presented by the Global Islamic Media Front.

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