Friday, February 24, 2006


On Ports

Frank J. rolls with reality in This Is Your Brain; This Is Your Brain on Ports

The more I learn about this issue with the ports, the more I learn I don't know anything from which to form an opinion. Despite my capitalistic instincts, I would have assumed the U.S. government ran our ports. As for reality, I don't know what "owning" a port entails. I could probably look that up, but it sounds boring. Thus, I don't trust Congress on this issue, because people in Congress seem to be dumber and have shorter attention spans than me.

Anyway, the UAE seems like moderate Muslims in that, deep down, they want to kill us all and force Islam upon the world, but they have better things to do. They're a modern economy, and I don't really see them sacrificing that to blow a few things up.... even to kill Jews. Plus, they are an ally.

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