Monday, February 20, 2006


Dr. Suess' Mirrors

The Officers' Club presents a collection of Dr. Suess editorial cartoons from New York's PM newspaper of the early forties. The theme tying these cartoons together, that being the gutlessness of appeasers, is as relevant today as are Suess' childrens' books.

If you appreciate Dr. Suess you'll love these timeless gems of political commentary; they're as on-target today as they were the last time a generation of appeasement-idiots chose the path of least resistance to sell out their own democracies to fascism. Then again, if you are an appeasement-idiot then you might not like what you see.

Also at Officers' Club: Time May be Running Out for Moderate Muslims
As the Muslim world continues to agitate over these stupid cartoons, the rest of the world becomes increasingly wary of these foreign people. The rest of the world, if threatened, will respond in kind. If Muslims riot on the streets in places like Germany, Italy, and Austria- how long until “right-wing” groups begin to agitate against the Muslims? How long until that breaks down into violence? What happens then? What happens when the US leaves the Balkans and the former powers that once dominated the Muslim populace decide to finish what they started and get rid of the rioting populace once and for all? What happens when people across the world start responding to threats of violence from radical Islamists with threats of violence of their own?

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