Thursday, December 10, 2009


My Brother's Keepers: Media Madders Defends Kevin Jennings' Campaign To Hypersexualize Children

Typical Soros-financed left wing bullshit: never address the issue at hand. Instead, attack, defame, slander and demonize. In this case, Media Madders accuses Jim Hoft of being a homophobe.

Which is meant, of course, to deflect attention away from the issue at hand:
Gateway Pundit, Big Government, Breitbart.TV, Michelle Malkin, Founding Bloggers, and others have been consistent in arguing that this doesn’t have anything to do with sexual preference. Change the little boys depicted in the offensive material contained in Fistgate I and Fistgate II into little girls, and the material is just as inappropriate.
This has to do with counterattacking the assault by the left on childrens' innocence and sexuality, an assault hiding behind a phony campaign for "tolerance" in schools. Why is it hiding? Because they know what they are doing is wrong and unacceptable to the vast majority in a civil society; they put that front up to begin with to cover their real agenda, which is to weasel their way into the schools as "educators" to indoctrinate children and subvert parental authority, with all that that implies. They do it by abusing their authority over your children.

The only ones focusing on homosexuality are Kevin Jennings and the people who share his agenda - they're the ones going on and on about it in the books they peddle and the "educational materials" they push on their victims under the guise of "teaching tolerance".

Here's a clue: "sucking", "fucking", "swallowing", "spitting", "watersports", "rimming", "fisting" and "blowjob" are not synonyms for "tolerance".

As I've said before and will say again at every opportunity, leftists like Kevin Jennings are not just dishonest -- they're despicable liars, and in his case demonstrably committed to perverting children behind the backs of their parents. And people who slavishly propagate the leftist bullshit at Media Madders are their enablers, which makes them despicable liars too and cowards to boot.

Especially when you just know that the parents among them would never knowingly allow Jennings' garbage anywhere near their own children. Not in a million years. Leftists don't teach their own kids the art of fisting; they just teach it to others.

Via Gateway Pundit: speaking of parents, Grassroots Nation has started a petition to fire Kevin Jennings.

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