Thursday, September 03, 2009


Obama Thug Bites Off Demonstrator's Finger

Yes, it has come to this; it was only a matter of time: a MoveOn astroturfer has let fly with his frustration by biting the finger off an anti-Obamacare demonstrator. Not just any demonstrator: a sixty-five year old man. The son of a bitch attacked the weakest, most frail victim he could single out, assaulted him and bit his finger off like a wild animal.

This speaks volumes about the nature of the left. It's crazy, but it's treated as innocuous when it's just a few hundred Daily Kostards calling the Good Michelle a nasty racist Vietnamese c**t and describing how they'd rape, disfigure or kill her. It doesn't get much notice when leftard idiots cackle for years about murdering Bush or Cheney or Rove, even making "art" in service to the idea of shooting the President.

It's dismissed as mere hyperbole when Cajonus Giganticus shouts thuggish garbage like
"They Bring a Knife...We Bring a Gun"
"Get in Their Faces!"
"I don't want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I'm angry!"
“Hit Back Twice As Hard”
because he has a gift, Harry.

It speaks directly to the darkness and violence in the leftist thug's heart, and Obama's cold calculation of his power over his followers, when an Obama supporter is caught instructing his fellow Obama supporters how to disrupt and bully Obamacare opponents attending a Town Hall; when a Town Hall participant gets elbowed in the head by a sign-wielding Obamacare supporter; when an innocent vendor gets beaten and racially insulted by Obama's SEIU bullies, and when an elderly man gets attacked and physically disfigured in a fit of Obama-inspired rage.

These are the animals and these are the tactics Obama has used in his Chicago past, trained others to use on his behalf, and always held in contingency, ready to use when necessary to exert his will.

Innocent citizens exercising their First Amendment rights are routinely and systematically being slandered, demonized, threatened, intimidated, and now brutalized, in the name of Obama, who not only does not vehemently condemn such viciousness but routinely encourages it.

How long before one of Obama's radical leftist animals kills someone in his name?

I can hear the idiots now: Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you, you right wing nutjob?

Two things:
1. No, I really would not like it, and only a lying idiot would suggest that.
2. Go fuck yourself, idiot.

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