Monday, June 15, 2009


The Alaska Fund Trust

Sarah Palin is facing a half-million dollars or so in legal fees being forced on her by the left, who are terrified of her. In their mortal fear of this woman they have leveled a swath of frivolous ethics charges against her as Governor of Alaska. The goal? Not to address real ethics violations (there are none), but to distract her from her duties as Governor of Alaska, attempt to scare her out of the public arena and Hell, maybe even bankrupt her.

Why? Because she's dangerous to their cause. They have no answer to her pointed criticisms, no answer to her policies that have made Alaska one of the best-managed states in the country(see for comparison Michigan, New York, the entire west coast; in fact pretty much anything in blue). So they are trying to destroy her instead (see David F'n Letterman, Andrew Sullivan; small-market broadcasters MSNBC and CBS; ABC, CNN, the NYT and other failing newspapers, TIME, Newsweak, and the Democrats).

Here's the problem for the left, as Matt Lauer learned the hard way last week on live TV: Sarah Palin doesn't back down from a fight. And they are going to be very sorry they picked one with her.

Contribute to the Alaska Fund Trust here. Go get 'em, Cuda.

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