Saturday, July 01, 2006


Bill Keller And The Times: Because They Could

Bill Keller's attempt to legitimize treason by the New York Times and its leaking sources reminded me of Bill Clinton's mea culpa for indulging in Monica Lewinsky's blowjobs and cigar-magic, betraying wife Hillary's trust: he did it because he could. He just couldn't help himself. He was a victim of temptation, and the devil got the better of him.

Similarly, Keller seems to believe that admitting to a moral weakness ( Must Get Bush) that betrays American citizens' rights to protection from harm absolves him of betraying American citizens' rights to protection from harm.

In both cases, the offender wants you to ignore his responsibility to control his temptations. He wants to claim victim status and absolve himself of responsibility so that you can't criticize him.

I believe what we have here is the left's adoption of the Christian ritual of confession to unburden their souls, but they don't understand that integrity is central to that process.

And Bill Keller lacks integrity.

The Wall Street Journal agrees.

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